More than 2500000 kg shipped material
More than 500000 m2 protected from fire of steel constructions in 2012
More than 280000 m2 treated wood constructions in 2012
More than 480000 m2 oprocessed cable lines in 2012

Fire protection of Ograx

Reliable protection of buildings from fire - is a necessary security measure. Fire protection of the building should be selected in accordance with the requirements of the state fire officials. Protection provided by processing of building materials and prefabricated.

Fire protection design goals are:

  • Amplification refractory properties of materials used in construction;
  • Reducing the possibility of the spread of fire;
  • Promote self-attenuation of fire;
  • Flammability reduction in construction as a whole and its individual components.

CJSC "Unihimtek - Fire protection" is part of the NGO "Unihimtek" and the development and production of fire-proof materials Ograks®, used to create the type of passive fire protection for buildings and structures first. We have considerable experience in the field of integrated fire protection measures, which allows us to produce the best materials for passive protection. Facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows to obtain a high quality product while minimizing the cost of fire protection. Our coatings have a long life, high performance, environmentally friendly and economical.

The cost of fire protection

Remember that the fire protection - the main component of the security system of any building tion. You can not save much on the cost of fire protection, but it should be offered a sober assessment of this market, and services. The total cost of fire protection work is determined by the materials used, methods of service delivery and is calculated individually for each building with all of its features.