Application area

Designed to prevent the spread of flame along the cable lines through walls, partitions and ceilings, provide reliable fire safe passage of cable lines through walls, partitions and ceilings with fire resistance up to 90 minutes.
OGRAX-KP is designed to operate at a relative humidity of 100% and a temperature of -50 ° C to + 60 ° C.


Description of fire-retardant material

Universal cable penetrations Ograx-KP is a team structure consisting of mineral wool and intumescent flame retardant composition OGRAX-VV. Executed in two variants for vertical and horizontal openings.


The composition of the mineral fiber plate50 mm
The coating thickness OGRAX-VV on cables and slabs0,8 mm

OGRAX-KP is certified for compliance with the Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements (Federal Law №123-FZ of 22.07.2008), the test method is according to GOST R 53295-2009.

Theoretical consumption

Material NameNumber of UnitsQuantity
Material flame retardant OGRAX-VVkg32
Slabs Mineralm30,12


Coverage of Ograx-KP is calculated individually for each object. The table provides the calculation of theoretical number per 1 m2 opening.

Storage warranty period

Service lifenot less than 40 years