Application area

Fire-retardant intumescent cushion Ograx-OTP - devices intended for temporary cable penetrations and belts in order to prevent the spread of fire and combustion products along the cable lines. It provides reliable fire safe passage of cable lines through walls, partitions and ceilings with fire resistance up to 120 minutes.


Description of fire-retardant material

Fire-retardant intumescent cushion Ograx-OTP is a case of glass filled with intumescent material and mineral filler, designed for use indoors at air humidity up to 100%, as well as in the open air at temperatures from -50 ° C to + 60 ° C. Delivered in cardboard boxes.

Ograx-OTP is included into temporary and modular universal cable penetrations certified for compliance with the Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements (№ 123 from 22.07.2008 F3.), test method according to GOST R 53310-2009.

Size range

Model Size, mm Expansion ratio, % not less
OTP-1 300*200*35 200
OTP-2 300*200*20 350
OTP-3 300*200*10 500


Cable or cable beam passing through the aperture of the wall, must be isolated from contact with concrete or metal surface fire retardant pillow. Placing pillows in the opening must be tight, without gaps. At the time of sealing of the opening to avoid damaging pillows.

Storage and operation conditions

Storage and transport conditions stored in closed dry rooms, in the manufacturer's original package, stacked to a height of not more than 2 meters
Storage warranty period one year from date of manufacture
Service life 40 years