Application area

It is used as an intumescent seal in the manufacture of fire doors and partitions, fire retarding valves, smoke, etc. It prevents the penetration of fire and smoke up to 90 minutes.


Description of fire-retardant material

Intumescent fire-retardant material Ograx-L - elastic web material. It may come in the form of tapes of different widths on the basis of self-adhesive and without it. The material is atmosphere resistant.


The thicknessfrom 1 to 4 mm
The maximum width 1,4 m
Length10,5m и 15,9 m
The expansion rationot less than 1300%
Density1,0±0,2 g/cm3
Securityis not emit harmful substances during operation, does not form toxic compounds in the presence of other substances and factors

Storage and operation conditions

The service life of the coating 25 years at 100% relative humidity at temperatures ranging from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C
Mounting secured with glue or by mechanical means; on OGRAX-L can be painted any color, glued wallpaper, etc .; it is not recommended to use self-adhesive tape from the foundation at temperatures below + 10 ° C
Packing cardboard boxes or plastic bags
Storage and transport conditions stored and transported at a temperature of from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C
Storage warranty period one year from date of manufacture